Sunday, August 20, 2017

New regs for heavy machinery showrooms

The Supervisory Committee for Motor Vehicle Imports is to set criteria required for showroom and sales centres for vehicles and heavy machinery such as diggers and dumper trucks.

Heavy machinery and vehicles sit in an outdoor sales centre. Photo: StaffHeavy machinery and vehicles sit in an outdoor sales centre. Photo: Staff

Until now, no particular conditions had been set for the importation of heavy machinery, but now it was necessary to define the criteria, said spokesperson for the Ministry of Commerce committee U Myint Cho.

“Before, it was enough for the committee to state that a company could import 50 vehicles or machines at a time. But now we need to establish systematic import criteria for heavy machinery. This is under discussion and we will issue the instructions once they are approved,” he said.

“Heavy machinery sales now have to be registered with the Road Transport Administration Department. But the RTAD has to simplify registration processes because it isn’t convenient to insist that the driver bring the dumper truck to the RTAD office,” said U Myint Cho.

Pending the issuance of detailed instructions, it is expected that any showroom or sales centre for heavy machinery will have to be big.

“It won’t be like an ordinary luxury car showroom. They will need a compound of at least 1 or 2 acres in extent,” he said, adding that most would not be located downtown because of space considerations.

It is likely that the criteria would require that the compound must be at least 50,000 square feet in extent, with not less than 30,000 sq ft of display area. The showroom must be outside the downtown area.

Machinery must be kept in a designated space, and no road tests would be allowed before a sale.

Importers would be permitted to bring in machines less than one year old, and not exceeding 60 tonnes in weight because of the state of the roads. Excavators and wheel loaders must weigh under 25 tonnes, and dumper trucks under 20 tonnes.