Friday, September 22, 2017

Water taxi tender to draw foreign bids

The Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) is expecting international and local firms to bid for a tender to build a water taxi system.

The YRTA started accepting tender applications on November 21 and the window to bid will remain open until December 26.

“We’re giving over one month for applications according to international standards because the applicants will include foreigners and joint venture companies,” said U Maung Aung.

Union and local government tenders in earlier years were often criticised for falling short of international standards, which included few short application windows.

The tender is to build and run a water taxi system on the Hlaing River and Nga Moe Yeik Creek, as part of the Yangon Region government’s plan to reduce pressure on Yangon’s often grid-locked streets.

The Hlaing River taxi system is likely to be up and running first, because there are already usable jetties on that stretch of water, said U Maung Aung. But there will need to be at least two new ones built, he added.

Nga Moe Yeik Creek on the other hand will need a series of new jetties. The Yangon Region government will decide on the location of the jetties. But for both areas jetty construction will be the responsibility of the tender winner(s), U Maung Aung added.

After YRTA has chosen the winners, it will conduct a pilot survey to decide to how many taxis are needed.