Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fisheries officials hatch sultan fish plan

The Department of Fisheries (DOF), under the Ministry of Fisheries, will hatch sultan fish and distribute the fry and technology required to raise them to fish farmers in 2011, a department official said at the weekly Myanmar Fisheries Federation meeting on September 14.

“The fish is good in taste and texture; it’s better than rohu, which is our major fish for export,” U Khin Ko Lay, the director general of the department, said last week. “Sultan fish have strong market potential and the department is now trying to hatch fish that we plan to distribute next year.”

Sultan fish are native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Sultan fry were imported from Singapore in 2008 and raised in Myanmar before being exported this year for the first time.

Myanmar had exported 5.8 tonnes of sultan fish to Singapore to September 12, earning about US$5000. Export prices had been set at $740 a tonne for whole fish and $1140 if the heads and tails have been removed.

U Win Myint Maung, the director of the Fish Inspection and Quality Control Division, said that the sultan fish could supplant other species as export fish.

“We tasted the fish and it’s better than silver pomfret [Nga Mote Phyu], Myanmar’s main export fish, and might one day become an alternative to rohu,” he said.