Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Green plans sprung for parks

Thakhin Mya park first opened on Union Day – February 12 – in 1989. Since then, its six acres in Ahlone township have been gently neglected.

Thakin Mya park is currently a bit of a fixer-upper. Photo: Yu YuThakin Mya park is currently a bit of a fixer-upper. Photo: Yu Yu

It has been overgrown with bushes and trees, and Yangon City Development Committee officials admit maintenance could be better.

YCDC Playground and Garden Department head U Ko Ko Lin said parks like Thakin Mya will improved this year as part of a city-wide attempt to spruce up Yangon’s green space.

Thakin Mya will receive refurbishments and maintenance worth K171 million this fiscal year, he said.

“Our department will be upgrading and preparing the city’s parks and playgrounds to be a place for the public to come and feel free and relaxed,” he said.

“The people appreciate this change, and ask us to upgrade more parks.”

The department is midway through plans from 2013 to 2015 to refurbish about 30 parks and playgrounds in the city.

For the 2014-15 year it has targeted Thakin Mya park, as well as K70 million earmarked for Inya park and K188 million for Nantha Myan park, as priority sites, he said.

YCDC also realises that one-off investments will not be enough, and it is looking at how best to maintain projects in the years ahead.

“We will green the area and pretty the view, and also install water sprinklers,” he said. Some parks will also receive Japanese green grass and playground installations.

Also, the department will not allow private restaurants to operate on the city’s parks, as they should be for the public, he said.

As is the case with Yangon’s Maha Bandoola park, plans call for the other refurbished parks to be closed in the evening and entrance fees will not be collected.

There are 63 parks in Yangon Region, though Maha Bandoola near Sule Pagoda is the city’s best showpiece.

Five different parks have already been upgraded by YCDC, including Maha Bandoola and Kandaw Mingalar.