Monday, September 25, 2017

Moving into a memorable home

With so many of Yangon’s houses being built from the same mold, it is nice to see one with a bit of character.

This week’s home on Thazin Phyu street in Yankin is large enough for an extended family while providing a quiet environment. It’s also reasonably priced, and memorably decorated inside and out.

There are three master bedrooms inside the 5200-square-foot building, along with two smaller bedrooms, a living room, shrine, dining room, kitchen and four bathrooms.

It also includes two large balconies and plenty of windows to capture the breeze.

It’s a three-storey structure on a 2400 square foot compound, which has room left over for a small garden and a car park.

This house is fully furnished and includes the usual amenities like air conditioners, power, featuring hot and cold water in the kitchen.

You’ll be a little further from downtown than some would like, but the location may be suitable for others with different commuting habits.

The price is directly negotiable with the owner. If you are looking for a nice house, this is a memorable choice to make your own.

Location : Thazin Phyu Street, Yankin township

Price : $3000 per month


Contact : Estate Myanmar

Enterprise Ltd.

Phone : 09-43118787