Friday, September 22, 2017

Shwekyin meeting hall in Hmawbi nearly finished

Hmawbi's  Dhammaduta Jetavana monastery will soon boast a 21,600-square-foot hall, with construction at the facility expected to be finished in December, a spokesperson for the monastery said last week.

The one-storey hall has an expected price tag of about K1.5 billion and was designed by Sayadaw Dr Ashin Saekainda; well-wishers provided the funding for the construction work.

The hall is being built for the 18th meeting of the Shwekyin Association, which starts on January 31, the spokesperson said.

He added that the hall has a capacity of about 1000. The Shwekyin Association meeting is held every three years and this year will bring together about 880 Shwekyin Sangha (monks) from Myanmar and the world.