Sunday, August 20, 2017

Upgrades for public housing

A sixty-years old public housing project is to be redeveloped in a joint project by government and developers, and the homes rented out to civil servants.

The Department of Human Settlements and Housing Development in Mandalay Region has announced that work will begin next month to upgrade the city’s Sate Ta Ya Mahi complex.

“Once redevelopment is complete, we will let the rooms at a fixed rent to the civil servants already living in the apartments. The government will keep it as public rental housing and has no plans to sell,” said the spokesperson.

The redevelopment will feature elevators and an underground car park.

The housing official told The Myanmar Times that the complex will be completely rebuilt within one year, and the entire redevelopment is projected to be finished within two years. Demolition will start on November 1 and soil studies will be conducted on November 25.

The Sate Ta Ya Mahi redevelopment project drew 13 bidders, including public developers. Myanmar Mandalay, United Pacific, New Innovation, New Starlight and MGW won the government auction.

“This redevelopment project includes six condo buildings, five eight-storey public residential buildings and one commercial five-storey building. The rooms will be shared 48 percent to private companies and 52pc to the housing department. This will be first condo project for Mandalay,” said U Than Win of Myanma Mandalay Company. – Translation by Zar Zar Soe