Thursday, September 21, 2017

MySquar rolls out new messenger app

Content platform company Mysquar will debut the beta version of its new Myanmar-facing chat application, MyChat, on August 27.

The free Android app will leverage localized features like the Myanmar language, stickers and emoticons to do battle with international giants like Viber and Facebook, which are already popular with users here.

“It was custom-designed for the Myanmar youth,” says Mysquar CEO Linda Lim. “We don’t believe they should have to adapt to foreign products. We think they should have something that’s in their own language.”

The app lets users message friends, engage in group chats, and ‘Look Around’ for others on MyChat, who will be listed and ranked by nearness. Users can swap between English and Myanmar in the application and pick pictures to express themselves in messages.

“We have a collection of localized stickers based on traditional, iconic characters, as well as traditional toys, but all very much based on Myanmar culture,” Ms. Lim says. In the app, some emoticons wear thanakha, while one sticker set features an owl, an emblem for Myanmar.

MyChat also looks to address particular challenges to chatting in Myanmar. It is built to be resilient, Ms. Lim says. If the network goes out, MyChat will send messages when it comes back on.

Recent research shows Viber has a strong hold on Myanmar. The Cyprus company just revealed its registered user base here tallies at 5 million. Ms. Lim notes markets around the world host multiple messenger apps, and that as a group, chat applications are on the up with regards to popularity.

“We wanted to provide another opportunity to help Myanmar youth connect,” she says.