Tuesday, September 19, 2017

MPT extends Swe Thahar promotion

Mobile operator MPT has extended a promotion for its Swe Thahar users, claiming a positive customer response on the deal that cuts internet costs.

The plan has run for most of March, but will now continue into next month. It gives a 50 percent bonus on internet use, and will now run indefinitely until otherwise announced.

MPT deputy general manager U Thein Hote said the promotion has relied on customer feedback.

“If customers like the Swe Thahar promotion, we plan to continue the promotion,” he told The Myanmar Times.

MPT introduced its new Swe Thahar plan in January, which among other things began pricing internet on volume rather than amount of time it was used.

Users had criticised the initial plan in part because phone calls in most cases are most expensive on a per-minute basis than rivals Telenor and Ooredoo, which charge K25. Under the current promotion, MPT users can call three other MPT users at K25 a minute, though other calls are K35.

MPT users who have not signed up for the new Swe Thahar plan are not receiving the promotional pricing. As of mid-March the firm claims it has 5 million subscribers using the plan.

“This announcement is a new sign that MPT is willing to become more competitive, more customer-oriented and that it is fully ready to move Myanmar forward,” a press release said.

The firm, which is state-owned but with a operations agreement with Japan’s KDDI and Sumitomo Corporation, plans to have 100pc of its towers offering 3G by mid-2015. It also claims 70pc of Myanmar’s territory will have MPT coverage by the end of 2016.