Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Mandalay journals sign up to news portal

Ko Tun Tun gives a demonstration of www.yoyarlay.com at a press conference in Mandalay on September 28. Photo: Aung ShinKo Tun Tun gives a demonstration of www.yoyarlay.com at a press conference in Mandalay on September 28. Photo: Aung Shin

Five Mandalay-based journals last week agreed to supply content to a free online national news portal following a three-month trial.

Shade, Nan Myint, Shwe Mandalay, Upper Myanmar and The Mandalay Times will supply at least 20 items a week to www.yoyarlay.com, they announced at a press conference on September 28. Another Mandalay journal, Ayone Oo, is also expected to begin supplying content in the near future.

Ko Tun Tun, the managing director of Yangon-based Tun New Technology, which developed the website, said www.yoyarlay.com is updated each day and features eight sections, including pages dedicated to national, business, entertainment and sport news. “The most interesting news items are placed on the home page and all sections will be updated each day,” he said.

The company launched the portal in July with content from several Yangon-based journals, including The Voice, 7Day News, True News and Net Guide.

All news items have already been approved by the Press Scrutiny and Registration Division and published in the respective journals.

None of the Mandalay publications have their own websites and representatives at the press conference said they saw joining the portal as a way of promoting their journals.

“Information technology is important for print media so I’m happy to see our news items on the web and it will be helpful for readers who are living outside Myanmar,” said Ko Tharzaw, chief editor of Shade, a news and entertainment journal. “If people start to comment and vote on articles we can also use the website to track what young people are interested in.”

U Myo Min Min, owner of news journals Shwe Mandalay and Upper Myanmar, said he was doubtful his company would benefit financially from the deal in the short-term.

“They have been offering to put our content on www.yoyarlay.com for quite a while, and the main reason I agreed was because it allowed us to put our content on the internet for free and it will help raise awareness about our products,” he said. “But I’m not really expecting the website to have much effect on our circulation; we just hope it might increase interest.”

Ko Tun Tun said the addition of the Mandalay newspapers would strengthen the portal’s coverage of upper Myanmar.

“We developed this website to compile all the latest news from Myanmar in one place,” he said. “Our objective was to make it easy for people, especially those living outside the country, to read about what’s happening here, including events in upper Myanmar.”

He said users could comment and vote on news items. However, the website will not allow users to post “insulting or bad comments” for “security” reasons.