Friday, August 18, 2017

About The Myanmar Times:

Launched as a weekly in 2000 by Myanmar Consolidated Media, Ltd, The Myanmar Times is Myanmar’s premier English-language newspaper. The company also publishes a Myanmar-language weekly newspaper, and a weekly fashion and celebrity news magazine.In March 2015, a Monday-Friday daily edition was launched. MCM employs approximately 350 staff across its Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw bureaus, the majority of whom are Myanmar nationals.

MCM Editorial Policy

The Board of Directors of Myanmar Conslidated Media, Ltd. (hereafter, "The Board") recognises that it has a responsibility to develop and implement an editorial policy which will enable its newspapers, magazines and websites to fulfill their role as part of "The Fourth Estate", a cornerstone of a healthy democracy and civic polity in Myanmar.

Whilst the Board is bound to view the newspapers as a commercial business, it also recognises that its imprints have certain responsibilities that other businesses do not, and a binding duty to its readers, the communities they serve and the freedom of the press upon which our liberty depends. Furthermore, The Board is conscious of The Myanmar Times’ reputation and esteem in the community.

The Board also acknowledges that the rights and privileges extended to the newspapers' journalists and editors by the nation's political and judicial institutions bring with them a duty to report the workings of those institutions fairly and accurately in the public interest. Fulfillment of this duty will require the newspapers to maintain the highest standards and traditions of journalistic integrity.

The Board has therefore laid down the following parameters and ethical guidelines to define the type of newspaper it believes will best meet this duty. This is no sense implies any interference by the Board in the day-to-day running of the newsroom or direction on editorial matters.

  • • The Board requires its journalists and editors to adhere to the highest standards of integrity, balance and fairness in all news gathering, writing and distribution activities.
  • • The Board expects its newspapers to be probing, sceptical, honest, courageous and forthright.
  • • Fact and comment should be clearly delineated in all news reports and every possible step should be taken to ensure the accuracy of reports. Significant errors should be promptly corrected.
  • • Technological alteration of a photograph, image or statement used in the newspaper or online must be acknowledged. The use of all licensed news agency text, images, video, graphics etc must be credited as appropriate to the source or institution.
  • • No member of the editorial staff will be required to make an unwelcome intrusion on the personal grief of another person.
  • • The papers should reflect the aspirations of all Myanmar’s peoples and communities, without privilege to the interests of any particular ethnicity, race, religion, creed, or sexual identity, in respect of the diverse nature of the nation.
  • • The papers should be engaged with the interests of the national community, and recognise their vital role in encouraging the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of community life. At the same time they should recognise and seek to expose the disadvantage or persecution of any group or community.
  • • Commercial factors must not override editorial decisions.
  • • Any member of the staff who accepts any inducement from any third party in relation to the writing or presentation of a story, report or photograph will be instantly dismissed. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Freedom of the press is still a fragile and evolving concept in Myanmar. Whilst elements of this statement are already enshrined in law, ultimately this notion of freedom depends almost entirely on public support. That support can only be diminished if the public loses faith in the media as an honest, impartial and reliable source of information. The Board is proud to offer a publication that respects these standards and that is committed to upholding its reputation as "the newspaper you can trust".'

The Myanmar Times
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