Monday, September 25, 2017

A Facebook star drops the “Facebook” before “star”

TO make it to the top you need talent, hard work but most importantly a Facebook account.

Kelvin promoting a product in one of his video clip. Photos: suppliedKelvin promoting a product in one of his video clip. Photos: supplied

That is what Aung Thu Liwn, also known as Kelvin Kate would tell you. “A Facebook post, just for fun, has made me an actor,” he told Weekend.

University drop-out Aung Thu Liwn was hired by the producer of “Mingalar Shi Tae Ayak", a popular TV series, after several of his posts went viral. Other drama movies will soon follow. Before that he was helping out his parents with the family business.

Fame knocked at his door one morning in December 2015.

One short homemade funny video which was posting at his Facebook account in December 2015. Weekend remembers this funny homemade post. Kelvin takes a taxi and realises the driver is a celebrity (played by his best mate). “Are you the ‘celeb’ from Facebook?” Kelvin asks. “Yes” the driver says. “You look different than on your Facebook page,” Kelvin says. “Well, I used many photoshop app on phone before I upload the photos, you know,” Kelvin keeps on pressing the driver with questions. “And I saw you checked-in from many expensive restaurants, hotels, bars and clubs. I thought you are rich. Still, you’re a cab driver?”. The taxi driver smiles and says, “I have lots of customers and drive them to many fancy places. At the door, I just take a photo and checked-in on Facebook. That’s easy, bro.”

Kelvin had struck a chord. “Social media was really booming at that time and still is. My video was about these celebrities pretending fame on Facebook” Ironically, Facebook made him one. But his status is a bit more real than his fictional taxi driver.

Since then, Kelvin has churned out many videos. All are irresistibly funny and witty. Relationship, friendship, parenthood, Kelvin captures the essence of daily life and spread the fun to his 2.2 millions followers.

Kelvin (right) with fellow actors K Nyi and Myint Myat. Kelvin (right) with fellow actors K Nyi and Myint Myat.

And who said that one could not have fun and work at the same time. He turned his page into a money-making machine. Ads for juice, jewelry or cosmetic started to pop up before his clips. Product placement helped made an extra buck.

A year after that, he was offered a job as lead actor in the movie called “Kwee Kyone Naing Yae Thingyan Alwal Myarr”, the story of one guy who gets into a lot of trouble during Myanmar’s water festival. That was a formative experience.

“The way I spoke did not match my character’s. I was just speaking the way I do in my videos.” Since then he’s learned to adapt. The next frontier for this comic is to play drama. “My character will be stable, rough and more serious in my next movies. People think I’m good at doing funny character but I am not just that”.

Still, in his the spare time, during the shootings Kelvin Kate recorded a couple of funny videos with his co actors. “They really support for my funny video, even the crew help me to choose better angles and gave me tips on how to shoot scenes.”

Fans watch out fans, the multi-talented man might become a movie director soon!