Sunday, August 20, 2017

Note: The Myanmar Times reviews restaurants anonymously and pays for meals.

A bit of la dolce vita

It’s almost impossibile to find good, home-style Italian food in Yangon.

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A slice of Tokyo in Yaw Min Gyi

The first thing that strikes you about Menzo is its location. The restaurant is down a narrow lane off Bo Yar Nyunt steet in Yaw Min Gyi, making it reminiscent of little dining outlets in the small back alleys hidden from the bustling streets of Tokyo, behind the capital’s skyscrapers and multifarious vending machines.

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New Shan sheriff in town

ON the outside with its cheeky wooden sign, red awning, and outdoor menu display (an anomaly among Yangon restaurants) it is hard to distinguish Shan Kitchen from the rows of other hipster-friendly haunts that line the streets of Yaw Min Gyi.

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Drink your food

Sales of power bars and powders and supplements are surging – but does anyone really need them?

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Review: Freedom Café

It seems like every week there is a new restaurant opening in Yangon. There seems to be a move toward offering healthy options – a welcome change. The newest kid on the block is Freedom Café which, while offering food, makes something of a specialty of healthy beverages in its extensive menu.

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Tucking into Yangon’s latest izakaya

For months ahead of the opening of Bahan’s newest Japanese restaurant, Ren Kandawgyi, I prayed for the day when the restaurant would open its doors and the sounds of construction which crept through the walls of my friend’s apartment would finally end. When we finally walked through the traditionally draped noren, or fabric cloths, I could see that all of the noise was not in vain.

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The Strand Restaurant: A spellbinding reinvention

Very few celebrated chefs are as likeable as Christian Martena, executive chef of The Strand’s long-awaited new restaurant. Not only is Martena a culinary wizard, he is warm, gracious and charmingly self-effacing with it. This is despite the fact that he has plenty of reasons to feel pleased with his newest creation in Yangon's most iconic hotel.

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The best place for a Japanese lunch in Yangon? That’ll B-Japan

A taste of Japanese culture is never far away in Yangon. Upon my recent return to Yangon after a year away, I was again on the hunt for a decent, affordable Japanese restaurant. A good friend from northern Japan took me to an unassuming part of Pazundaung township for a meal which would, from then on, entice me to go back regularly. Among the top choices is B-Japan.

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Pizza by the slice – it’s everything nice

Rectangular single-slice pizza is probably the single greatest memory I have of primary school meals. Chalk it up to my patronage of American public school cafeterias, but I can’t forget the stuff. So when I heard about a single-slice pizza joint opening up on Yaw Min Gyi Street, the news struck a nostalgic nerve deep within me. I had to see this place.

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Buying organic in Yangon: A brief guide

It’s that time of January when not all New Year’s resolutions have yet been broken. “Eating healthier” seems to be a common refrain whenever the New Year is rung in – this reporter was one of many swearing to a 2017 with more greens and less processed food. So, before an inevitable backslide into junk food dependency – Weekend has put together a few options for eating organic in Yangon.

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