Friday, August 18, 2017

Note: The Myanmar Times reviews restaurants anonymously and pays for meals.

On the road: Asian health practices

Travelling in Asia transports visitors from one adventure to another, and can teach them more than they realise — a whole atmosphere of ancient patterns that are more important than ever. Much of what travellers learn about healing in Asia is scientifically valid and easy to follow.

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Getting sucked into the world of wine

50th Street's Ms Kaur led participants through the tasting of four wines from Chile – two whites and two reds – offering information on the growing conditions in each region and how that affects the flavour of the grapes.

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Web-based Yangon restaurant directory launched

Web and mobile services company, Mediaxus, launched its restaurant search engine last week. The company, located in Bahan township, spent about three months creating and testing the search engine before launching it on May 20, said the Mediaxus’ creative director, Ko Zor Maung.

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