Monday, September 25, 2017

Thai-inspired dining in the heart of downtown

Suzuki Café is easily located in the upper block of Sule Pagoda Road. A narrow shop, it was full of customers at lunchtime and we were lucky to get a place. In the evening, diners can also sit outside.

Photo: Lwin Mar HtunPhoto: Lwin Mar Htun

The walls of the modern restaurant boast many little landscape paintings and photos. It’s colourful, but also distracting from the service.

I ordered rice with curry and a fried egg (K2500). My companion went for steamed rice and pork stick (K2300). We ordered Thai spicy soup (K2000) to share.

The pork stick arrived first: a simple presentation but mouth-watering. The rice was sweet and the pork soft. Overall, an excellent dish.

In fact, diners can watch how the chef prepares the pork stick, as the kitchen is easily viewed from the tables. We checked whether it was clean and were duly satisfied.

The soup and my dinner, however, took too long to arrive. We waited around 25 minutes after placing the order. I couldn’t stay upset for long. The charming waiter listened carefully to my complaint and told me that the kitchen was overloaded with orders from other tables.

When it did come, the presentation was simple and colourful. The rice was set in a perfect square and the pork and basil were accentuated by slices of cucumber and tomato and lettuce leaves. The menu described a spicy dish, but it wasn’t. Sweet and a little salty would be more accurate.

The soup was also great, including tiny bits of pork, mushroom, little meat balls and cauliflower. The taste is somewhat spicy and sour.

Service is good and the foods are delicious because the ingredients are fresh and the chef cooks everything promptly. In addition to Thai food, the menu offers Chinese and Western-style options. Prices range from K1700 to K6000. As for drinks, you can order many kinds of coffee – cappuccino, espresso, latte, mocha and others. Italian sodas, soft drinks and beer is also available.

Next door to the restaurant are two cinemas, making this a perfect stop before or after a film.

Suzuki Café and Thai Food

182 Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada, Hours 9am-10pm

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