Monday, September 25, 2017

Butter me up

As I grew up during the Socialist era, my family were not very familiar with imported dairy products. In Myanmar the only dairy products we really eat are milk and yoghurt. When I was a child we had locally made butter which was hard and sticky, but when the country opened up, margarine became more popular.

I was never a fan of butter until I moved to Sydney. In Myanmar, toast with butter is what you give someone when they are sick: no curry, no spicy food, no rice – just buttered toast and a boiled egg. For a long time I couldn’t get my head around eating butter as an everyday food.

The dairy products in Australia were very different to those I had been used to as a child, and I came to like them – which was lucky, since my GP told me I had to eat more dairy products to boost my calcium intake.

But eating butter all the time can get boring, so this week I’m sharing some of my favourite seasoned butter recipes. Seasoned butters are easy to make and can be used to add flavour to a wide variety of foods. And if you do get sick, they’re sure to liven up your toast!

Photo: PhyoPhoto: Phyo

Sweet chilli butter

• 100g unsalted butter

• 4 tablespoons sweet chilli sauce (not the runny kind)

Soften the butter in a bowl. Add the sweet chilli sauce to the softened butter and mash together to combine.

Lay out a sheet of cling film 8-9 inches in length. Transfer the butter mixture onto the cling film and shape into a log. Next, fold each side of the cling film over the butter and roll the butter up. Fold in the ends. The butter parcel should look like a spring roll.

Freeze the roll of butter for at least 30 minutes. Remove the butter from the fridge 5 minutes before serving to soften.

Great served with grilled vegetables, grilled prawns and seafood.

Garlic and basil butter

• 2 cloves garlic

• 60g unsalted butter

• ¼ cup basil leaves (loosely packed)

Soften the butter. Chop the garlic and basil finely. Next, add the butter, garlic and basil to a bowl and mix well.

Wrap the butter in cling film, following the procedure above. Freeze the butter for at least 30 minutes. Remove the butter from the fridge 5 minutes before serving to soften.

Toast a baguette and brush the butter onto the warm bread. Great served with pasta or soup.

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