Sunday, August 20, 2017

Review: Father's Office

The new bar on Bo Aung Kyaw Street joins an ever-growing list of trendy spots opening in the city. Is it industrial chic? Western saloon-style? Hipster New York Brooklyn?

The Father's Dog hot dog. Photos: Emily Spink / The Myanmar TimesThe Father's Dog hot dog. Photos: Emily Spink / The Myanmar Times

The jury is out on the theme of the place. Either way, Father’s Office exudes minimalistic vibes, with its grey concrete walls, exposed brick and high tables. A little artwork would go a long way in adding character to the empty gallery-like space.

The food and drinks menus aren’t extensive.

Burgers and beers, fish ’n’ chips and hotdogs: This is simple food likely aimed at the discerning expat.

A cocktail (K6000) Happy Hour is offered between 5pm to 8pm each day. Both mojitos and martinis are served up very strong.

Our group of three would have over-ordered if not for the advice of the friendly owner, though we’d like to go back and find out how the onion rings fare.

At her suggestion, we order the “famous” fish ’n’ chips and the lazy slow cooker pulled pork burger with red cabbage slaw. This burger is yet to be added to the menu – the chalkboard sign out front announces its arrival – and is offered with a Heineken and fries for K9500.

The pulled pork burger errs on the side of too sweet, which we put down to the mayo dressing in the slaw. It’s a new addition and is open to tweaks, according to the owner.

A hit with the table is the fish in the fish ’n’ chips (K5000). We’re told it’s sourced from Vietnam and then dished up in a beer batter. The fish, although having been frozen, tastes fresh and doesn’t disappoint with its light breading, garlic aioli and hefty bed of chips.

We also opted for the Father’s Dog (K6500). The frank comes in a white bun, with melted cheese and topped with pickles, grilled onions, and ketchup and mustard.

While not a big fan of hotdogs, and as someone who grew up only ever eating them on family ski trips, I appreciate a good one when it is put in front of me. There is nothing wrong with the hotdog, but if I order out, I like it to be something I can’t easily whip up at home.

Both burger and dog are served on wooden boards, a stubborn trend apparently not likely to disappear from hip restaurants any time soon.

Our non-pork eater demolished the Vege Lovers burger (K7500). Filled with roasted veggies and feta cheese, it disappeared all too quickly.

Simply put, dinner left us satisfied.

The young owner, a qualified chef who has returned home after a lengthy stint in Australia, is clearly passionate about serving up good food to the surrounding community.

She says she wants Father’s Office to be the kind of place where staff have your regular order down by the third visit. We’re told breakfast and lunch offerings are in the pipeline, as is good coffee – including the flat white.

Though not a place to get work done – no Wi-Fi as yet – Father’s Office is a great place to enjoy a strong happy hour special with a small group. And with its location just down the street from The Myanmar Times, I think we just found our new local.

Father’s Office
291 Bo Aung Kyaw Street
Kyauktada township

Restaurant Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Food : 7
Drink: 6
Service: 9
Value: 8
X-factor: 6