Monday, September 25, 2017

Review: Liberty Pizza revisited – now with added pizza

Our first excursion to Liberty Pizza was not a resounding success: We liked the drinks, the ice cream and the atmosphere, but the menu was partly indecipherable, the food mostly sub-par and, most disappointing of all, there was no pizza. Why go back? Well, it’s across the street. Also, now there’s pizza.

Photo: Yitzhak Bloch / The Myanmar TimesPhoto: Yitzhak Bloch / The Myanmar Times

That’s right: Liberty is now serving up 14 varieties, in 6-, 8-, and 10-inch diameters. With ingredients like garlic, pecorino and lamb sausage, prospects seemed exciting.

We opted for a Puttanesca (garlic, olive, parsley, tomato) pie. It was devoid of roasted garlic flavour and oddly sweet (more on that below), though was piled high with vegetables and melty cheese.

Now, branding aside, the pizza isn’t a New York pizza – nor a Chicago or Los Angeles pizza (which Angelinos seem to insist is a distinct species). Nor is it the thin-crust many expats misidentify as “Neapolitan” but any New Yorker knows is in fact New Haven or Connecticut-style pizza (a joy in its own right).

The chutney-esque sauce is made of real tomatoes, which is appreciated, though could have used an overnight simmer, salt, and a dash of oregano. The mozzarella cheese is also fairly plentiful and fairly melty – it’s all you can reasonably ask of an Asian pizza, but a far cry from a salty, stringy three-cheese blend.

However, the art of pizza is perfected in the proportions, and ultimately Liberty overwhelms its fresh, simple ingredients with a pastry-soft, over-sweet crust, one that seems to have showed up to the wrong oven and received tomatoes and cheese instead of a cinnamon glaze.

The Lamb Feda Cheese (sic; cooked lamb and feta, onion, tomato) came with most-certainly-not-feta, plus ground meat which lacked the depth and spice of lamb. Nor was the Liberty Special Pizza (olive, tomato, mozzarella, pecorino, oregano) a hit, with no evidence of the latter two ingredients, and an awful lot of onion and canned corn on it.

Still, the various sizes will run you K8000, 10,000, and 12,000 each, which is on the cheaper side for pizza in Yangon. They are also quite filling. With an 8-inch probably sufficient for most appetites, I’ll likely be back before too long. Did I mention it’s across the street?

Liberty Pizza
Bogyoke Street, Kyauktada township

Pizza Rating: 1.5/5 stars