Friday, August 18, 2017

Ski resort to rise soon in Khakaborazi

A ski resort will be constructed at the Khakaborazi, the highest iceberg in Kachin State and its construction could be started within the year, according to the ministry of hotel and tourism.

Khakaborazi is located in Naungmung township in Kachin state, the northern state of Myanmar. It’s height of 5881 metres makes it probably the highest mountain in South East Asia.

The resort would be built by a foreign direct investment company.

“The plan to make the ski resort in Khakaborazi Mountain has been there for a long time now. We are negotiating with an investor from Australia for the project,” U Ohn Maung, union minister of hotel and tourism told The Myanmar Times.

Vistors can climb the mountain to at least 4,000 feet, they can go on a water rafting trip, he added

According to the ministry of hotel and tourism, they made the policy to implement eco-tourism in 2017-18 fiscal year to boost the country’s tourism products.

“The international tourists are bored to visit crowded cities and the beaten tracks. They would like to do trekking and mountain biking. They are also still very much interested in visiting historical sites and learning traditional cultures. Eco-tourism sites could be more attracted to Japan and European markets,” U Ohn Maung said.

Recently there was a new eco-resort that opened in Bago Yoma.

“We received three developers who negotiated with ministry to implement similar projects,” he said.

The ministries of hotel and tourism, natural resources and environmental conservation and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development have recently released the Myanmar Eco-tourism Policy and Management Strategy. The agencies are still drawing up eco-lodge guidelines.

The Ministry of Natural Resource and Environmental Conservation have identified 40 eco-tourism sites in about 49 acres of forest reserved in the different parts of the country.

“Developers can implement the eco-resort wherever they want in these 40 eco-tourism sites if they will be granted permission by the ministry,” said U Kyaw Kyaw Lwin, the ministry’s deputy director general.

U Kyaw Kyaw Lwin said the ministry is continuously conducting surveys and studies to pinpoint more possible ecotourism sites.

“We will cooperate with related departments, private sector, local people and ministry of hotel and tourism in developing eco-tourism sites, said U Ohn Win, union minister of natural resource and environmental conservation.

“These eco-tourism sites can support the government’s efforts to protect biological diversity and natural areas. It can also improve income of the local residents and provide more job opportunities,” he said.