Thursday, September 21, 2017

What's On: July 29-August 4

From gastronomic adventures to unmissable events, we’ve got your social life sorted for the next seven days.

Parami Pizza (Sayar San branch)

You might not be able to catch ’em all in Yangon, but Parami’s Pokemon Pizza (K14,000) is some next-level augmented-reality gastronomy.

No one to go with? Check this out for such failproof pick-up lines as “You put the ‘Wiggle’ in Wigglytuff” and “When I look at you, my Metapod can’t get any harder”.

Dare to Disagree
Centre of Excellence for Business Skills Development, Parami Road, Hlaing Campus
July 30, 9-12pm

Ever found yourself nodding along with some blockhead in the teashop, afraid to point out his infantile stupidity? This Dare to Disagree workshop could be for you. Oxford PhD candidate Manting Chen, winner of the “Best Speaker” title in more than 10 international debating tournaments, will teach you how to raise objections and face confrontation with ease.

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FAB 42 Club Night
J-One Music Bar, Bo Cho Street (behind Union Business Centre)
July 30

Feel FAB at Yangon’s favourite LGBT club night, with resident DJ Mr Y spinning up some gay goodness. As always the party warms up at Fahrenheit with pre-fab drinks from 8pm.

L’exercice de l’État (The Minister) (2011)
Institut Francais, 340 Pyay Road
August 1, 7pm

Speed, power struggles, chaos, economic crisis ... Nope, not an apocalyptic imagining of a Donald Trump presidency, but the hostile world of French Transport Minister Bertrand Saint-Jean in this award-winning political drama.