Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ancient silver pieces found in Mon State

Renovations are usually a money pit, but for one homeowner in Mon State they’ve turned up a valuable find.

These 16 silver pieces were found in Kyaikhto township. Photo: SuppliedThese 16 silver pieces were found in Kyaikhto township. Photo: Supplied

U Maung Win, of Bo Yar Gyi village, Kyaikhto township, was digging a foundation for his house’s new kitchen on January 20 when he discovered a 2-inch silver container shaped like a mythical animal. Inside were 16 coin-like objects made of silver. After examining them he reported the find to the Kyaikhto township administration office.

“The associate director of the Department of Archeological, National Museum and Library and I went to inspect,” said U Min Nwe Soe, Mon State’s minister for planning and the economy. “The Bo Yar Gyi administrator and team will keep the container found from the dig site permanently.”

The silver pieces weigh 816.465 grams in total and will be bought by the state for a total of K960,000, U Min Nwe Soe said. “We will find a donor to buy them,” he said.

The Bo Yar Gyi village administrator will keep the container temporarily until the government decides where the archaeological find should be kept.

U Aung Naing Moe, associate director of the archeology department, told The Myanmar Times that ancient artifacts are often found in this area. He also hesitated to label them coins.

“Those are silver block pieces, not coins and we haven’t figured out the design. They can be called money only after the Ministry of Mines and experts inspect them,” he said.

“We know they are ancient but there are few markings so it’s hard to guess at the moment how old they are or what era they come from.” – Translation by Khant Lin Oo