Friday, September 22, 2017

Groups make flood donations

Social and religious organisations last week began offering assistance to flood-affected communities in Magwe Region, with more donations expected to arrive in the area this week.

The Dhammaduta Association donated relief items valued at K5 million to 318 households in Kyun Yin village, Pauk township, on October 25, association member Venerable Ashin Kundala Linkara said.

The association plans to donate items to five villages in Seikphyu township this week. “We asked for more help from Sayadaw Chekinda to expand our donation program because there are many villages that haven’t received aid yet,” he said on October 27.

He said Ye Dike Foundation and Sayadaw U Thumingala, also known as Dae-O Sayadaw, had delivered aid to some villages in flood affected areas in Seikphyu township but there are still more villages waiting for assistance, he said.

“Even though the water level has decreased, some villages are hard to reach because the roads are very muddy. Most donors help villages where there is better transportation so some areas receive more than enough, while others get nothing at all,” he said.

Kyaw Thu, president of the Free Funeral Service Society (Yangon), said the society had sent a shipment of items for distribution in Seikphyu township.

“I asked the aid team to research what items are most useful so that we can know how best to help in the future,” he said.