Friday, August 18, 2017

Arakanese young monks to hold protests across Rakhine on Sunday

Arakanese Young Monk Association (for maintaining discipline and welfare to the people) on Thursday sought permission from the Rakhine State government to hold protests throughout the state on the weekend, said the association’s patron Sayadaw U Dhammika.

U Aung Htay, one of the protest leaders, said he hopes that the government will carefully consider their request for the rallies scheduled on August 13.

“All the things happening now depended on the government. We are not satisfied with what the government has done. We want the government to resolve problems effectively. Bengali affair has been given highlight among the international community so the government shouldn’t ignore it anymore,” said u Aung Htay.

He said the public welcomed the organizing of meetings with union-level officials including State Counsellor and the state government and Arakan National Party and the Commander-in-Chief-of Defence Services, he added that he believes this is a positive sign but discussions are necessary to be appropriate for the current situation.

“It is heartening to see many military forces came here by Tatmadaw airplane today,” he said.

The monk association and residents announced on August 9 that they will demand the government to launch the verification of citizenship under the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law as soon as possible, to evict all international organizations including UNHCR and WFP from Rakhine State and to allow formation of people’s militias on the grounds of security for Rakhine ethnics and to eliminate Bengali terrorists.

Although the government is acting on the cases in Maungdaw, there is no obvious development and the state government has authority to act (on some cases) but they do not act any, said U Tun Hla Sein, Hluttaw representative of Maungdaw constituency (1).

“As the security measures are not sufficient and the securities measures does not include the cases. The accused were not arrested,” he said.

Monks, political parties and the residents discussed and decided about the holding of the protest at the platform of Atula Marazein pagoda platform at noon on August 6.

The first meeting was held in July and they submitted the demands to the state government and Union government. But the government did not act on any of the demands and so they decided to demonstrate, according to Sayadaw U Dhammika.

In the discussion, they decided to demand the government to increase the numbers of security forces in Maungdaw district, compel UN and other foreign organizations to seek clearance from the government before they do their activities in the area, and for the union government to implement examination of citizenship of residents in accordance with the Citizenship Law.