Friday, August 18, 2017

IOM appeals for $17m

The International Organisation for Migration last week appealed to the international donor community for renewed funding in order to “continue to meet the ongoing needs of those without adequate shelter support” in the Ayeyarwady delta.

Mr Nelson Bosch, IOM’s recovery coordinator, told The Myanmar Times on February 18 that “if IOM fails to secure funding by May 2010, [we] will be forced to close our three offices in the delta”.

“The closure of these offices will be a significant step backwards in our efforts to continue addressing the basic needs of those families,” Mr Bosch said.

IOM is appealing for US$12.5 million to meet the shelter needs of an extra 50,000 families in the delta, it said in a statement on February 16.

“There are still as many as 100,000 families without the basic shelter they need to get through the wet season,” IOM’s Myanmar chief of mission Ms Mariko Tomiyama said.

The Tripartite Core Group (TCG), said that as of mid-January there were still more than half a million Nargis-affected people without adequate shelter.

At an international donor meeting held in Bangkok on November 25 , US$90.44 million was pledged for recovery projects in the Delta. Shelter projects received only $250,000 in pledges – significantly less than the livelihood, health and education sectors.