Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Singaporean actors to promote television drama

As part of a Singaporean media promotion, actors from the Singapore drama series Together will travel to Myanmar in mid-February, U Kyaw San, managing director of Multimedia Group Ltd, told The Myanmar Times last week.

The trip is jointly organised by Singaporean media company World Wide Wealth and Multimedia Group.

“Actors Dai Yang Tian and Jeanettet Aw will come and promote Together. At first, we planned to invite them in January but it was moved to February due to the Chinese New Year celebrations,” said U Kyaw San.

He thought of the idea after attending the Asia Television Forum in December.

“I met with some people from the company (World Wide Wealth) and they said they wanted to cooperate not only on the Singaporean drama series but also on other media works.”

The visit has also been prompted by the success of the television series The Little Nyonya, which recently aired on MRTV channel and was produced by Multimedia Group.

“In truth, Singaporean dramas are not popular around the world, even in Southeast Asia, but The Little Nyonya has become the most successful television series in the Singaporean film scene in the past 15 years and has been broadcast in five countries: Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar. It also provides something new for local audiences who have become a little bored with (South) Korean drama series being continuously broadcast on local channels,” said U Kyaw San.

Singaporean drama series and short films were first introduced to Myanmar in 1999 but attracted little interest from audiences until The Little Nyonya, which starred Jeanettet Aw, according to U Kyaw San. He expects the television drama Together will attract a larger audience and may help the Singaporean media to break into the Myanmar market.

“Together was filmed this year and is currently airing in Singapore. We hope to air it in Myanmar no later than February, once we have permission from the censors,” he added.