Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mandalay health project underway

The Department of Health on September 11 launched a project to improve reproductive health knowledge among workers at the Mandalay Industrial Zone.

The 18-month project – Reproductive Health Development Research Project for Migrant Workers in Mandalay – will target migrant workers in Pyigyi Tagon township, close to the industrial zone.

“The health project targets migrant workers because many of them have only recently left their families and arrived in the area so it is difficult for them to get access to health knowledge,” a senior department official said at the program orientation ceremony earlier this month.

As most of the migrant workers are in their early 20s, knowledge of reproductive health is a necessity for them, he said.

The project will focus on maternal safety, abortion, family planning perspectives and sexually transmitted infections.

Mandalay training hospital, with 300 beds and Myatta Shin Clinic at Mandalay Industrial Zone will provide services for those workers found to be in need of clinical treatment, said Dr Ko Ko Zaw, a senior official from Department of Medical Research.

“We will now undertake preliminary research and then training will be provided to Myanmar Red Cross Society members and general practitioners,” Dr Ko Ko Zaw said.

“The one-week training for Red Cross members aged between 20 and 25 will start in the first week of October and seminars for general practitioners in the fourth week of November,” he said.

“Outstanding Red Cross members from Pyigyi Tagon township will be selected to take part in the project implementation,” said U Phone Kyaw, co-secretary of Mandalay Red Cross Committee.

Once the 18-month project is completed, factory managers and general practitioners will work together to issue a report spelling out their findings.

“We are glad to hear about this project because we cannot always keep an eye on the factory workers, who are mostly aged under 24 years and can be difficult to keep under control,” said one factory manager from Mandalay Industrial Zone.

“The reproductive health project will benefit migrant workers, especially female workers will little or no education who have moved to the industrial zone from rural areas,” said one general practitioner who took part in the orientation ceremony on September 11.

Translated by Aung Kyi