Monday, August 21, 2017

Over K155 million earmarked for DMH

A total of K155.65 million will be allocated for the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, according to the Mandalay regional 2017-18 budget year investment plan, financed by regional funds.

The funds will not only be used for current projects such as building brick fences around the meteorology and hydrology offices, office renovations including new paints for offices, electrical wiring and RC water tank maintenance works, but will also be allocated for other projects.

The investment also covers the painting cost for a 120x44 feet office in Mandalay, electrical wiring maintenance, office floor renovations, restoration of a 55x45 feet office hall and the director’s 45x24 feet house, renovation of staff housings at Gaw Wein Jetty, fencing several offices, repairing office toilets at Nyaung-U township and fencing the Amarapura township (Myit Nge) and (Lun Kyaw) offices.

The 2017-18 budget year investment plan for all departments including Mandalay regional government office, ministries, regional Hluttaw, division law office and regional statistical office has a total investment fund of K129,393.428 million, K81,529.866 million comes from the regional fund, K34,574.272 million are from loans and K13,289.290 million are from grants.