Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Flooding closes 32 schools in Mandalay

Due to heavy rain in Mandalay, the level of the Ayeyarwady River rose to the point of flooding schools in several townships. Those schools will have extra teaching periods to make up, said the regional head of the Education Office.

When the region was flooded in July, only a few schools had to be closed. However, the floods this month closed 32 schools in three townships as of August 21, said an official of the regional Education Office earlier Monday.

“There is no damage. Last time, we had to close only a few schools as there was not much water. Now we had to close 32 schools and they would operate normally when the water level falls. There would be extra teaching periods to make up for the closed period,” said the official.

Due to the rising of the Ayeyarwady River, three high schools, six middle schools and 15 elementary schools in Singu township; 16 high schools, two middle schools and four elementary schools in Madaya township; and one elementary school in Amarapura township have been closed.

The water level of the Ayeyarwady River reached dangerous levels on August 21. Due to the overflow of the river in some townships, flood victims had to be evacuated to safe places.

“Our area has been flooded for 10 days. The water level has not decreased yet. The western part of the village suffers more as it is in low ground. Schools in our village don’t need to close but we hear that those in nearby villages have to close. Because of the flood, we need to evacuate to nearby monasteries. I think we would need medical care when the water level falls,” said Ko Tin Maung Aye from Twin Ngel village of Thabeikkyin township.