Monday, September 25, 2017

Developer denies hotel charges

The developer of a hotel under construction in Yangon’s Thingangyun township has hit back at residents’ claims that it will damage the reputation of their quarter, saying the hotel will cater to tourists and is being built for the 2013 Southeast Asian Games.

Daw Thandar Lay Naing, managing director of Nice Fare Travel Company, which is developing the hotel, said the three-storey establishment on Khay Mar Thi Street would contain 35 rooms and was scheduled to open in late February.

“I’d never planned for it to be a love hotel like the residents are worried about. I can definitely say it won’t be that kind of hotel,” Daw Thandar Lay Naing said.

“We are opening this hotel because we believe that there should be more hotels in our country. We know that tourism will develop more later on and hotels will be necessary,” she said. “It will be a reasonably priced hotel and will serve breakfast and lunch.”

She said the project had received the green light from local authorities.

“The relevant authorities checked the hotel many times and have allowed it to open,” said Daw Thandar Lay Naing.

As The Myanmar Times reported earlier this month, residents in the quarter where the hotel is being built have objected to the project on several occasions, at both the construction site and ward office.

Residents say the street already has two small hotels with a “bad reputation” and they do not want another hotel to open.

“We protested three times, both in person and with petitions, at the ward authority office but no one paid attention,” said U Tin Win Maung, a former captain with the Myanma Five Star Line shipping company. “Already 66 families have objected to it.”

Organisers of the anti-hotel campaign said last week they would continue to oppose the project despite the Daw Thandar Lay Naing’s assurances that the hotel would cater to tourists rather than unwed couples looking for a short-term stay.

The campaigners also allege that the owners of the hotel and secured permission for the project from local authorities by providing 10 letters of support from people who did not live in the area.

However, Daw Thandar Lay Naing said she had 15 letters of support from genuine residents.