Monday, September 25, 2017

FREDA to plant 50,000 trees in Yangon Region

Supermarket shoppers may get to play a part in the greening of Yangon. City Mart has entered an agreement with the Forest Resource Environment Development and Conservation Association (FREDA) to plant 50,000 trees in Yangon over the next year.

Though City Mart’s main contribution will be the funding, its customers will also be asked to make suggestions via the internet about where many of the trees could be planted.

The first 12,000 trees will be planted on September 3 in Hlawga Wildlife Park north of Yangon and in Tha Du Kan Pagoda compound, said U Kyaw Nyein, an executive committee member of FREDA.

He said they planned to plant more than 10,000 trees each in Hlegu and Dat Chaung villages in Taikkyi township. Others will be planted according to the suggestion of City Mart customers, he added.

At least 12 kinds of trees will be included in the initial 12,000, U Kyaw Nyein said, adding that the seedlings were selected bearing in mind the nature of the region.

“Some plants like star flowers are suitable for monasteries, some grow fast for shade, and woods like teak, padauk, pinkadoo and mazel suit different environments.”

“Human beings are damaging the earth we live in. The trees that can protect us from floods are growing fewer, and both the earth and we humans are suffering the consequences. We should rebuild a fair environment for ourselves by working together. I believe we can do it,” said Daw Win Win Tint, CEO of City Mart.

City Love & Hope Foundation, which is organised by City Mart, has provided K20 million to plant the 50,000 trees in the coming weeks.

U Kyaw Nyein said FREDA was also carrying out a substitute planting program for dead trees, replacing some 188 of the 53,188 trees planted by City Love & Hope Foundation between 2011 and 2015.