Sunday, August 20, 2017

Commander-in-chief meets ANP legislators

COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing on Wednesday met with seven Pyidaungsu Hluttaw MPs from Arakan National Party (ANP) to discuss the Rakhine situation, Myabon constituency MP U Pe Than said.

“Rakhine and other national races in Rakhine State are not safe. Their economy is not good. They are afraid. They have been killed and they are leaving their villages. So, we are worried about their conditions and we discussed about it,” U Pe Than said.

Employment, road connectivity, security, border fencing, maritime security, regional security, rule of law, regional development and the worries of the residents were discussed in the meeting, the legislator said.

The meeting in Nay Pyi Taw Wednesday was requested by ANP and it is the first time they met with Tatmadaw, according to U Pe Than.

U Pe Than said the Commander-in-chief of Defence Services assured them that Tatmadaw will help as much as they can within their authority and in accordance with the law.

It was agreed that when Tatmadaw or party needs to communicate, connection can be made through military MPs. Tatmadaw doesn’t want national sovereignty to be affected, U Pe Than added.

“The emotions of the locals over the instability in the region; worrying on behalf of Rakhine State and the Rakhine people so that lands are not lost in the future are the main reasons that I requested in meeting with the commander-in-chief,” he said. “The most important thing that is needed in Rakhine now is security.”

As there is scarcity of job opportunities in Rakhine State, it cannot be possible to talk only about national spirit. The government has responsibility not only to ensure security in our region but also work for its development, said U Pe Than.