Wednesday, September 20, 2017

TTF to send teacher survey on promotions to government

The Technological Teachers’ Federation (TTF) will send within the month to concerned government offices a survey of teachers who were aggrieved by the existing unfair promotion policy in the education ministry.

The federation, which was established in the early of August after the launch of the Blue Ribbon Campaign to highlight the alleged unfair policy, was also at the forefront of negotiating for the repeal and replacement of the policy.

The TTF said it will send the survey to the Office of the President, the Office of the State Counsellor and the Hluttaw.

“Now we are collecting our papers and then we will write a report which will detail the current situation. After that, we will send our survey, which will include signatures of the affected teachers,” said U Thura Kyaw, communication officer of the lower Myanmar for the Technological Teachers’ Federation.

Teachers from technology universities and computer universities started a ‘blue ribbon’ campaign on July 25 as part of the effort to get a more fair promotions policy.

The campaign was officially launched on July 31 and was the first ribbon movement in the technology field. The campaign is ongoing until the teachers’ demands are met.

According to a survey, which was taken between July 22 and July 30, there are over 1,700 teachers from technology and computer universities, department of Technical Vocational Education, Training and department of research and innovation and technical schools, who feel that the promotions policy currently being followed is unfair and biased.

The federation has a link to their website so other teachers can participate in the survey. From July 31 to August 17, over 600 more teachers have expressed their sentiments against the policy, according to the TTF.

There are 33 technological universities and 27 computer universities and 59 government technical institutes and schools throughout the country.

“We have known what is happening under the current situation. We can’t change the system immediately as it is under two departments that have different concerns. Some of the positions from the technological side is not under the Department of the Higher Education,” said U Aung Aung Min, Deputy Director General for the department.

The Ministry of Science and Technology is organised under the Ministry of Education in April 2016 after the government was taken over by the National League for Democracy.

“Although we relax the higher education policies, we also need to follow the Civil Service Law,” he added.

The Department of Higher Education has already announced the orders for promotion.

But U Zaw Myint Naing Oo, TTF communication officer, said some of the teachers still do not want to take the promotion examination.