Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Food & Entertainment

Ranging from tantalizing tastes and beverages to hot spots for travel and cultural entertainment, Myanmar offers a blend of both the traditional and the contemporary. Join us on The Myanmar Times' Food & Entertainment 2017 Special Feature.

Scenic spots in Yangon for foreign tourists
As the number of foreigners visiting Myanmar is increasing, festivities, displays and recreational places which can attract the foreigners are also increasing year by year.

Karaweik Palace showcases authentic Myanmar culture
The golden Karaweik Palace, one of the many landmarks in the heart of Yangon City, is located on the eastern shore of Kandawgyi Lake, facing the magnificent Shwe Dagon Pagoda which is a symbol of Myanmar traditional art and culture.

High standard cinemas still significant kind of entertainment in Yangon
It could be said that the post World War II period which was around 1950s was the golden era of Myanmar Motion Picture. During that time, there were around 150 film production companies in Yangon and almost all of them had their own cinemas.

Ethnic cuisines and distinctive restaurants in Yangon
A fading art among locals, though foreigners mesmerised

Yangon’s Unique Food Trail (Downtown & China Town) Food Hunters Guide
If you’re on this Downtown & Chinatown food trail, it’s all within walking distance or a short taxi ride away.

The lure of Inya Lake
A haven for romantic couples and local snacks enthusiasts.

A fiesta of colours and bargains – The Night Market
It is often the heart and soul of a city, the vibrant presence of vendors, food and local colours at night markets. Aung Kyaw Min discovers why Myanmar’s night markets are on the rise.

Take a bite of Mandalay
Mandalay not only a trove of Myanmar culture but a place with variety of eclectic cuisines.

Myanmar’s coffee and tea regain popularity
Long before hipster and modern cafes made coffee and tea enjoyment a popular pastime all over the world, the people of Myanmar have been enjoying the fruits of high-quality coffee beans and traditionally brewed teas.

Let’s raise a glass, Myanmar
Myanmar’s after work crowds and young people are changing the watering holes in search of that relaxing drink,while energy drinks and colas are gaining popularity too. The Myanmar Times unwinds trying out a tipple after work.

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