Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Thingyan 2017

Modern Datu Kalyar1
Darling, I want to wear Padauk2 flowers on my hairs, her golden yellowish petals spraying sweet scents among green leaves, I wanna wear only Padauk, darling!

Celebrating Thingyan with joy and caution
Balance joy and precaution during the festive season.

Taking care of your health in the heat of summer
Enjoy but be sure that you are well protected from the scorching heat.

Lively performances a thing of the past at Bogyoke Market
As times have changed, revelers long for the heydays of water festival at Bogyoke market.

It must be a Thingyan for the masses
“Thingyan” comes from the Pali word “Thinkanta” and Sanskrit word “Thinkranta”.

Longing for the days of past celebrations
When the lively song “Tu Poe Tu Poe” about Thingyan water festival by the late Thingyan iconic actor Zaw One was heard recently via a drifting breeze, images of my younger days experience during Thingyan festival reappeared.

A unique celebration in Mandalay
As less pandals are expected will Mandalay’s favourite Thingyan go as usual.

A chance to eat Satuditha while playing water in Mandalay
Many chances to eat Satuditha while playing water await you in Mandalay.

Nay Pyi Taw promises a lively Thingyan
Although signs of pandals are still not visible yet, the capital is gearing up for the festival.

Migrant workers face challenging rush home
Migrant workers are determined to return to their home towns in spite of holiday confusion.

Finding peace and merit at meditation camps
The whole country will soon celebrate the Thingyan water festival.

Take a trip this holiday
Why not spend this festive season somewhere in the region instead of enjoying the usual way.

Police launch Operation Sun Ye to fight crime
Special operation by police have already begun in an attempt to make sure the festival is safe and enjoyable.

How to spend long Thingyan holidays
Throughout the year, there is not many long public holidays set by the government.

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