Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Telecommunications & Technology

Will Cyber Contra project take shape under NLD-led government?

In Myanmar attempts to create new technological products and create new jobs, special places are necessary where technicians from all sectors can get together to be able to work for the benefit of these kinds of projects.

Services provided by operators after expansion of 4G network

2017 could be regarded as a year of competition between operators in expanding 4G networks

Eco-friendly telecom towers of the future

Established in 2012, edotco, the first regional and integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company in Asia is providing end-to-end solutions in the tower services sector which has installed wind turbine towers and solar towers in countries of the region.

Local banks still lacking in digital banking solutions

In the past outdated accounting practices, poor information-technology infrastructure and lack of clarity in banks were a burden for citizens.

Is Online piracy killing the entertainment world?

Although concerned authorities are working to get rid of this menace, which is harming the entertainment industry, new and advanced technologies are giving upper hand to the dealers.

Camera quality becomes important part in purchasing a smartphone

The qualities of cameras in smart phones play an important role so at present time when somebody thinks of purchasing a smartphone, the first thing that comes into his or her mind is the quality of the camera installed in the smart phone.

Game Cast Network Myanmar: a simple hobby which has transformed into massive success

Dota 2 has many competitions yearly with massive prize pool reaching up to millions of dollars.

Let’s solve traffic disputes with black box

Black Box is a technological gadget that will definitely solve traffic disputes.

Lifespan of a smart phone

When purchasing a new smartphone, it is advisable not only to be obsessed on the brand but also on the applications.

Latest gadgets popular in the market

This headset delivers the balanced soundscape with ultra-low distortion. It is installed with the latest 7.1 surrounding DTS technology.

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