Thursday, September 21, 2017

Boxing coach shows trainees the ropes

Fifty-five boxers are attending a training camp at Yangon’s Thuwanna Youth Training Centre to prepare them for bouts in April, May and July, said head coach Mr Osmar Marino.

“They are energetic and have good stamina, although some look a little smaller than Western boxers. I’m training them intensively both physically and mentally because boxing is a powerful sport.

“Every boxer needs to be aware of issues like dieting and relaxation as well in order to keep their energy levels high and perform well,” said Cuban coach, Mr Marino, who took charge of the national squad in early February this year, after being hired by the Myanmar Boxing Federation (MBF) under a one-year contract on February 9.

The boxers have been training since June last year and will contest a number of international events in coming months.

“We hired the Cuban coach [Mr Marino] to get them ready for international contests but our main objective is to prepare for the 26th Southeast Asian Games [SEA Games] that will be held in Indonesia in 2011,” said U Nay Zaw, MBF joint secretary.

“The coach has been training the boxers hard from 7-9am and 3-5pm every day. He has focused on tactics and developing both power and stamina in the fighters,” he added.

Of the 55 trainees 45 are men and 10 are women and all will undergo a selection tournament from April 5 to 8 at the Youth Training Centre in Yangon.

“The Women’s Youth World Boxing Championship will start on April 21 but the preparation camp for that will begin on April 11. We will put the candidates through a number of contests in the next month to make sure pick the best,” U Nay Zaw said.

“They boxers are already well trained and I’m looking forward to seeing their tactics improve over the next month,” Mr Marino said.

Experienced boxer Ma Kyu Kyu Thin said Mr Marino’s training methods were different to other coaches she’d had in the past.

“One training technique we’re using is hitting pieces of rubber tied to posts. In the first few weeks it was very difficult for all of us but since then our muscles have hardened and we’re used to it.

“I’m happy with his training techniques and I’m convinced they will be useful in the ring,” she said.

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